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Clarity and Discipline


We bring clarity and seasoned architectural discipline to new projects, failing projects, investment risk assessment, and proof of concepts.


Today's systems of information technology combine IOT, semiconductors, cloud services, networking, storage, security, and electronics all managed by multi-million line layers of software.


Typical engineering talent most often is silo'd and domain specific. Computational Vision provides consultation and professional services that cross multiple domains to correctly architect a system for scale, performance, and cost.  

Cross Discipline Talent


Each of our experts brings 25+ year cross-domain talent in industry and academia.  We maintain broad knowledge with significant depth expertise in:  software- design, computer architecture, semiconductor manufacturing, memory systems, imaging, computer vision, device physics, cloud architecture, sensor, agile software methods, communication systems, chip design, operating systems, high-performance computing, and embedded systems.


Only with broad and deep talent can our clients succeed in developing true systems.

About us

In an era where any and all information gives oneself power, being able to assuredly obtain the answers to highly complex technical problems is difficult.  Computational Vision delivers the technical wisdom, hindsight, and foresight to make surgical choices in technology.  

"...to reduce the complexity and ambiguity

of highly-complex & emerging technologies

with the highest quality service and product..."

Our consulting talent crosses multiple engineering domains from semiconductors fabrication, embedded systems, communication protocols, emerging computing, and modern software engineering methods.  The intent is to bring clarity, knowledge, and unbiased decision making to an industry built on rapid technological change and jargon.

Unbiased Business Development

Institutional Investment, Risk Analysis and Trends

Technology Specific   Education and Training

CTO & CIO Complementary Services

Business Directed Deep Studies on Emerging Technology

Corporations in Need of POC Engineering Services

Tailored Consulting Services

Patent Review

Ongoing expert patent review and infringement analysis with broad domain knowledge in semiconductors, computer architecture, embedded systems, hardware, communication protocols, and software stacks.  Claim charting and reverse engineering services.

Expert Witness

Broad and deep knowledge in multiple disciplines with seasoned veterans in court depositions.

Intellectual Property and Expert Witness

Areas of Applied R&D

An interdisciplinary team has the capability of focusing on multiple areas of technology for the purpose of fostering technical maturity as well as IP development.  We offer consultation, formal design reviews, and business analysis in the following areas:

Research and Development

Emerging Technologies

Trends & Risks

Novel Security Systems

SPA and STA Mitigation

Device Physics

Emerging Memory Systems: Chalcogenes, ReRAM, Memristor

Communication Systems

PAN, LAN, WAN, Cellular and LTE.  5G systems, BLuetooth 5, Mesh & Zigbee

Emerging Compute

New AI and ML Silicon Designs, neuromorphic computing, non-Von Neumann Computing.

Internet of Things

Enterprise Scaling, Blockchains in IOT, Proof of Concepts, Competitive Analysis

Edge and Fog Computing

Design and Development, Consortium Advising, OPEX analysis, POC

Silicon Design

Constraints, Trends, Risks, Development Consultation, Monetization, Advising

Computer Vision and Imaging

Imaging pieplines, constrained imaging IP, market analytics, trends.

Research Capacity

  • IEEE Digital Explore Digital Library with tens of millions of scholarly articles and papers on all forms of technology since 1872.
  • ACM Digital Library: 170,000 books, 25,000 proceedings, and 1,400 active journals.
  • Nokia Bell Labs Journals with over 6,300 documents since 1922
  • MIT Press: 8 journals
  • Ivy League Consortium
  • IBM Journal of Research: 6,400 documents since 1957
  • Journal of System Engineering and Electronics: 9,500 documents since 2005
  • American Geophysical Union: 8,000 articles
  • Oxford University Press: 26 Journals
  • The entire collection of Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) 
  • Proquest Library: with over 2.7 million articles on science, engineering, business, health and social science.
  • Sage Library: 600 journals of health science, biomedical, and materials science.

We have the capability of researching broad and nebulous technical material with our investment in the world's largest repositories and most respected libraries of information.  We have at our disposal tens of millions of peer-reviewed and technical material from the top academic and industry institutions. Through our knowledge base and machine learning approaches to information gathering, we have the ability to find all aspects, roots, and relationships of information.  

Customer Success



Computational Vision was founded by Perry Lea.  Perry set the tone for the Computational Vision mission:

"...to reduce the complexity and ambiguity of highly complex emerging technologies for our clients..."

Perry has honed his technical and business experience over a 27-year career that started with Hewlett Packard.  There he was chief architect and distinguished technologist for the Imaging and Printing Group.  He was responsible for the shipment and success of over 60 IPG products and a $15B industry worldwide.  He managed one of the largest technical designs in the market and brought it to scale in a multi-billion dollar brand.  Technical accountability included: hardware, ASICS, multi-million line code bases, imaging pipelines, and partner negotiations.  He was also influential in relations with ARM, Intel, Microsoft, and of course HP Labs where he spent time on novel security systems and memristor technology.  

He then served as Director of Strategy and Distinguished Member of Technical Staff as Micron where he delivered upon a nebulous concept and emerging technology: eliminating the von-Neumann barrier of computing that has plagued the industry for 60 years. He led a large team of scientists, computer architects, and DRAM designers in a novel scheme to build a computer out of DRAM cells.  The device exposed significant success in machine learning, imaging, bitcoin mining, self-driving cars, and security applications.

Later he served as Director of Technology of Cradlepoint leading a business and technology segment in the areas of 5G edge communication, near range communication systems, edge/fog computing, and IOT.

He is a senior member and distinguished contributor of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers as well as a senior member of ACM.  He has a publication track in several peer-reviewed publications, dozens of US and international patents and pending patents, and a new book "IOT for Architects" that was published in January of 2018 and three other bookson edge compouting and architecture.


He is a recognized authority on emerging compute with application in machine learning, computer vision, and IOT.  He speaks publically in the areas of edge computing, communication systems, and large-scale software design.


He has three technical degrees in BS-CS, MS-CE, and the Degree of Engineer-EE from Columbia University and is a fellow of the Stanford BIL Leadership Program.

Dawn Lea is our Chief Financial Officer and Business Development Strategist.  She has served a 30 year career in media, production, broadcasting, and non-profit managmeent.  Dawn brings highly technical business acumen to the company and with our customers. 


"enabling organization to dig deep into complex technologies and solutions rapidly is essential to remain competitive and agile"


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